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A tortoiseshell acrylic chain bracelet

A tortoiseshell acrylic chain bracelet

"It's time to get down to business :D. I'm going to show you how to make a trendy bracelet.

To get started, get your pliers and the equipment you will need.
My tip: I prefer to take two flat tweezers without teeth rather than one flat tweezer and one fine flat tweezer. Indeed, since the rings are larger, you have to hold them securely without hurting yourself (slipping with the pliers). However, you can do it with basic pliers .
Step 1: Take the chain and wrap it around your wrist to take measurements.
My advice when cutting or separating the links: when the links are not welded, allow at least 1 cm to be removed to make room for the clasp and the chain. Example: if your wrist measures 14 cm, cut the chain to 13 or even 12 cm.
Step 2: I take my two flat pliers without teeth (or the flat pliers and the fine flat pliers) and I open my ring, tilting my right hand towards me. You can review the technique in the “ opening and closing a ringtutorial .
I get my channel
Another way of doing things exists. Take a thread, a cord. Then put it around your wrist. Then measure the cord with your ruler, flat. You will know the right measurement. Don't forget to remove at least 2 cm when cutting to place the clasp and the chain.
Step 3: Take a ring and open it. Pass your ring through the chain and chain.
Step 4: Next, you need to close it. If you don't know how to do it, refer to the tutorial "opening and closing a ring" found on our blog. Do the same on the other side by opening your ring, put on the clasp and the chain
Step 5: swap the sticker at the end of the chain to replace it with a prettier one.
Your trendy bracelet is complete. You will be able to wear it daily.
See you soon for a new tutorial !

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