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The different types of clasps

The different types of clasps

When creating a bracelet and/or necklace, it is best to put on the correct clasp. There are several clasps for all kinds of chains and ribbons. Here are the main ones:

Clasp for ball chain : be careful to choose the right size of the clasp in relation to the size of the ball chain.

The lobster claw clasp: This is the most common clasp in costume jewelry or costume jewelry. It is sometimes associated with an extension chain in order to be able to adjust the size of your bracelet or necklace. This way, your jewelry will suit everyone. Practical, right!?

The screw clasp: You have to turn it to open and close it

This is attached by screwing two pieces together to attach. It is also called the "barrel" clasp . It is best to put it on your necklaces or on your ankle jewelry.

Round magnetic clasp : some clasps are very powerful! They are easy to wear and put on your necklace. All outfits will go together!

Magnetic clasp for ribbon and cord

Simply stick your ribbons or cords on either side of the clasp . The clasp is magnetic, easy to use. It will embellish your bracelets.

Bracelets for men are most often made using this magnetic clasp !

T clasp : it looks pretty on the front of your necklace or necklace. It is also called a “toggle” clasp .

These clasps are made up of two parts that fit into each other. They are highly appreciated by many customers.

Please note: luxury brands prefer them to classic clasps

New trendy clasps: These are clasps that are most often used as pendants on a necklace or necklace.

Big brands and small designers alike love them because they are jewels in themselves. Indeed, a large chain with this clasp will immediately have its effect!

To clip




To screw

To your pliers , to your primers and to your pearls!

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