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Form a loop using a loop rod or nail

Form a loop using a loop rod or nail

In this tutorial, you will learn how to form a loop using a rod that ends either in another loop or a nail rod (flat head or ball head).

Step 1: Thread your pearl/stone onto the loop post. In the photo I (Mary) is using a loop rod which is a sort of spacer.

Step 2: Place your flat pliers approximately 1 mm from your pearl. Using this, you will have to form a 90° angle.

Step 3: Bend the stem while holding the bead with your left hand - for right-handers. Only your right (or left) hand with the flat pliers should move. Your angle is done...
Step 4: Hold the flat pliers on the wire. Take the cutting pliers and cut the rod 1 mm to the right of the flat pliers
Step 5: The “ conical ” pliers appear. It is she who allows you to form curls and pigtails. Place your pliers at the end of your rod. The bead must be held in your left hand - or right, in order to perform the movement correctly. The rod should be facing you (see photos)
Step 6: Rotate your pliers towards the inside of the loop.
My advice: the gesture must be precise. It's only your wrist that moves and not the whole arm. The pliers face you with the rod between its walls. You begin the gesture by pulling the thread towards you and turning your wrist towards the inside of the rod. The movement is reminiscent of making spring rolls.
If ever, it is not perfect; you can take it again towards the middle of the circle and repeat the winding movement.
Step 7: Your loop is complete. Just have to start again
The more you do, the more you will get there!
See you soon.

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