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12 DIY jewelry ideas to create for Mother’s Day

12 DIY jewelry ideas to create for Mother’s Day

As Mother's Day approaches, giving a gift becomes a special moment of recognition and love for those who are dear to us. This year, why not opt ​​for something even more personal and unique by making a DIY piece of jewelry yourself ? With our DIY jewelry kits you can create a tailor-made and personalized gift

The creation of certain jewelry requires tools (pliers, glue) which we offer in this basic kit

1. Colorful natural jade earrings

Celebrate your mother's unique beauty with these natural jade hoop earrings. Use this kit to create a gift that complements her personal beauty and style.

2. A natural stone necklace

Natural stone necklace kit, Boxes and kits for creating DIY costume jewelry G7429-Gingerlily Pearls

Offer a natural stone necklace that your mother can wear as a symbol of strength and serenity. Easy to assemble, this kit allows you to personalize the necklace with the stones of your choice.

3. A personalized friendship bracelet with a first name

Nothing is more special than bearing the names of those you love. This personalized friendship bracelet is a great way to show your mother how much she means to you.

4. Personalized golden Vecchio necklace with letters

Personalize this gold and multicolor necklace with your mother's initials for an elegant and intimate gift.

5. A personalized golden bracelet with first name

Add a pop of color to your mother's jewelry collection with this multi-colored bracelet. Each color can represent a family member, making this gift both vibrant and sentimental.

6. Five pearl and mother-of-pearl bracelets to accumulate

This kit creates five different bracelets, giving your mother the flexibility to wear them separately or together for a bolder look.

7. Shell-style acetate earrings

Take inspiration from the sea with this seashell earring kit. Perfect for moms who love the beach or are looking to add a summer touch to their outfit.

8. Natural Amazonite Silver Zamac Bracelet

This amazonite bracelet with silver zamac details is the perfect combination of nature and refinement. An ideal gift for mothers who appreciate natural elements.

9. Colorful beads to create earrings, bracelets, necklaces, telephone jewelry, glasses chains

10. XXL tortoiseshell mesh bracelet

Create a strong visual impact with this XXL tortoiseshell bracelet. Perfect for mothers who love bold and trendy accessories.

11. Earrings with tassels

Lightweight and elegant, these tassel earrings will add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Easy to assemble, they are ideal for a quick but impressive gift.

12. A necklace with a pendant in less than 5 minutes

This tutorial allows you to mount a pendant of your choice on a chain or a bail, depending on your preference. It's a simple but personalized way to create a truly unique piece of jewelry for your mother.

13. Heishi mother-of-pearl bead hoop earrings

Offer the beauty of mother-of-pearl heishi beads with this kit to create exquisite hoop earrings. Each pearl adds a touch of refinement and luminosity, perfect for an elegant mother.

14. Create an elastic bracelet

This tutorial allows you to easily create an adjustable bracelet using elastic thread. As it does not require any special tools, it is the ideal gift for jewelry beginners or for those who appreciate simplicity and comfort.

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