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Maintenance of jewelry supplies

Taking care of jewelry to keep it longer

When we talk about maintaining your jewelry, this does not mean polishing it every day but rather paying special attention to it from time to time. In fact, spending time cleaning your jewelry can be useful to avoid oxidized jewelry and keep it in good condition for longer. So once a month it is recommended to clean a piece of jewelry using a soft, dry cloth.

How to recognize oxidized jewelry?

The oxidation of a silver metal chain , necklace, bracelet or other costume jewelry is a natural phenomenon. The characteristics of oxidized jewelry are a change in color or parts that turn black. To remedy this and restore its shine, you will only need a clean, dry cloth. When rubbing, the fabric will turn black. Depending on the progress of the oxidation, the required intensity can be significant. Rhodium, the main material that makes up our silver jewelry, is a metal that is used to cover certain jewelry such as costume rings, costume necklaces, silver earrings or even women's bracelets in order to protect them. If your jewelry has this layer of Rhodium then its maintenance and cleaning will be different. In fact, this material does not require any specific maintenance other than immersing the costume jewelry in a bath of hot water containing a little natural soap. Immediately after bathing, dry your rhodium jewelry and rub it gently with a dry cloth.

Tips for protecting your costume jewelry?

Whatever the metal of your costume jewelry, there are several good practices to adopt so that your jewelry lasts over time. Indeed, jewelry is sensitive to shocks, liquids and temperature variations. So avoid wearing costume jewelry when you play sports, when you cook, or when you handle chemical products (cleaners or cosmetics for example). We don't necessarily realize it, but everyday activities such as cleaning dishes, gardening or simply going to the swimming pool or the sea are situations that can put your necklaces, rings, bracelets or earrings under stress. strained ears. Also it is not recommended to sleep with your jewelry, the best being to store them in a dedicated space, such as a jewelry box, during the time you are not wearing them. All these tips should be applied if you want your jewelry to keep its original shine for as long as possible. Then it is normal that, worn daily, your jewelry is subject to traces of wear.

What to do if you have an allergy with costume jewelry?

Allergies to jewelry are common; a ring, necklace, or even earrings can sometimes cause redness or itching. The first thing to do when you feel the first signs of an allergy with your costume earrings is to remove the jewelry. However, don't panic, applying a thin layer of transparent nail polish will simply allow you to continue wearing your favorite costume jewelry. This will prevent contact between the jewelry and the skin. This solution must be renewed over time.

The 10 reflexes to adopt to protect your jewelry

To try to keep a piece of jewelry in perfect condition for as long as possible, it is recommended to:
01- Only put on your jewelry in the morning once you have made up and/or perfumed yourself.
02- Remove jewelry before washing your hands, doing the dishes or wringing out laundry.
03- Do not handle gardening, cleaning or other chemicals without first removing rings and jewelry.
04- When transporting, prefer individual bags to a common box to store your costume jewelry.
05- Do not store your jewelry in a damp room (bathroom, etc.) or vice versa in direct sunlight.
06- Prefer a jewelry box with individual blocks rather than a single box where all the jewelry is against each other.
07- Pearls regenerate when worn.
08- If the jewelry unfortunately goes under water, dry it carefully with a dry cloth in all corners.
09- Remove jewelry before playing sports or when sleeping.
10- Clean your jewelry with a dry cloth once a month.
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