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Open and close a ring

Open and close a ring
Our video and photo tutorial:
With your pliers , your beads and your findings...you will learn how to open and close a ring with pliers.
Open and close an open ring

For this, it will be necessary
  • a ring (round or oval)
  • your following two pliers : flat pliers without teeth and flat fine pliers without teeth.
If you are right-handed, the fine flat pliers should be used with your right hand and the flat pliers with your left hand. And for left-handers, it will be the opposite.
Take the pliers in hand
Take your toothless flat pliers with your left hand. This allows the ring to be held in place during movements.
Opening the ring with the two pliers
Then, take your fine flat pliers without teeth with your right hand. This allows you to open the ring with a movement that you must do with precision
Position your pliers on either side of the opening of your ring. Using your right hand, you will make a rocking movement towards you in order to open your ring.
Close a ring
To close the ring , make the same movement as for opening in the other direction in order to bring the two ends together.
Tip: during the rocking movement to close the ring, apply a little pressure to the left with your fine flat pliers so that the ring is securely closed.
You are ready to put on a necklace with a chain

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