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We interviewed Cyrielle Créations

We interviewed Cyrielle Créations

Good morning, how are you doing ? New category of this blog: we are highlighting some creators on this one. Today, we are heading to Cyrille Créations who was kind enough to answer a few questions:

- What is the name of your brand and how did it start?

My brand is called " Cyrielle creations " and it all started at the end of my studies, at the Boulle school in jewelry and costume jewelry in 2018.

I wanted to create my brand to offer unique jewelry that resembles me in a minimalist and flowery style. It is therefore officially in December 2019 that “ Cyrielle creations ” was born.

- What is special about your jewelry?

I would say that the particularity of my jewelry is the play of materials and the mixture of styles.
I make my jewelry in raw brass for its pretty antique golden color which I combine with polymer clay (better known as fimo) for its lightness and its range of colors.

Each piece is unique: this is also important to me because I want each person to feel unique with my work.

- Once the idea for the piece of jewelry is found, how does the manufacturing process work?

Once the idea for the piece of jewelry is found, I start by drawing it in my sketchbook in order to have an idea of ​​the final result but also to annotate the manufacturing steps.
I then start with the polymer part, I model my future pattern. Once it is created, I cook it, sand it and finally varnish it in order to have a perfectly flat and shiny piece. I then go to the workbench to make the metal part. I cut, I weld, I sand and then all that remains is to assemble everything.
I really like making my models entirely by hand. Sometimes I use primers that I really like. My jewelry is a perfect mix of different techniques.
- Tell an anecdote related to your brand
If I had to tell an anecdote about the brand I think I would talk about the incredible start it had!
Starting a business at just 19 years old and in a short time before covid is not so easy. However, I did not give up and I continue today. What could be more beautiful when our efforts begin to pay off?
- What is your gri-gri jewel?
My gri-gri jewel is actually a duo of necklaces: one given to me for my 18th birthday and one that came to me from a great-grandmother. They are symbolic for me but I can't explain why! I just can't take them off, they are with me every day.
- On the Gingerlily store, what is your favorite supply and why?
On the Gingerlily store, I really like "the raw brass cabochon holders". I love them, they are present on many of my jewelry.
When manufacturing my parts, they save me incredible time. I find them so practical when soldering. In addition, they are very delicate in the final result.
- Where can we find your jewelry for purchase?
You can find my jewelry for purchase on Etsy. My shop is cyriellecreation. But it is also possible to make tailor-made pieces in your image, such as for a birthday or a wedding. To do this, simply contact me on Instagram or by email.
We will find you in a future article. See you soon
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