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Mary's favorites, from our store

Mary's favorites, from our store

Today, Mary browses our website and gives us her 6 favorites from our store.

The summer season rings the bell for vitamin-rich fruits. Mary really likes our fruity pendants that make you want to prepare a good cocktail. What could be better than making, composing a charm bracelet with these fruit charms!?

His second shot of 💛​ goes towards a chain with rectangle-shaped links. Very trendy since 2020, this steel chain is very easy to wear. Either wear simply as a bracelet, or as a multi-row necklace or with dangling pendants. Use it as you wish, it will look great with all your outfits.
Another chain that Mary finds very cool to use is a beaded chain. This one is silver rhodium plated. Mary likes to use it with other beads and stones on wire or with other chains. She also uses it to make a cascade of chains either on a pair of earrings or on a (large) central ring for a necklace or necklace.
On our store, Mary shares with you her little finds of jewelry to offer. They are all already mounted. Here are 2 rings and 1 pin chosen by Mary:
Mary had a big 💙​ for these pearls that she used for the “shell bracelet” tutorial. She used the blue ones. They are available in powder pink color.
The stone pendant often triumphs, mounted on a simple chain . It's a minimalist composition that Parisians love to wear. Here are a few :
We hope you enjoyed this article. We find you on our online store: Natural stone findings, chains, beads and pendants – Gingerlily Perles
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