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Stone of the month for June: The Pearl

Stone of the month for June: The Pearl

We meet again today about the stone of the month of June: the Pearl.

Characteristic of white pearl

It is made up of calcium carbonate and organic compounds. It has an estimated hardness of 3.

A little history

The first pearl was sewn onto a garment accompanied by shells. It was discovered during excavations on tombs dating from the Paleolithic, in Dordogne, Italy and even in Russia.

One of the graves found contained two children and an adult. It was completely covered with thousands of stones on the clothes he wore at the time.

On the mental level

If your stone has a completely white surface, this is immediately associated with a sign of purity and spirituality.

If your stone has a nuanced beige surface, this is associated with softness.

The pearl is very often used for relaxation. It can be worn as jewelry as a necklace so that it is close to your soul.

On the physical level

It is a soft, tender stone associated with the feminine spirit.

The Hindus were the first to turn to the pearl for its properties in order to use it to revive the energy and essential functions of the body.

  • The pearl stone is used against the following symptoms: stomach pain
  • It stimulates the adrenal glands
  • It strengthens the eyes against eye disorders
  • Reduces anxiety and stress in a daily life that is often gloomy.

Pearl Stone Symbols

Watery, lunar and feminine

In India, she is the divine mother.

If you have been married for 30 years, this is the pearl that should be given.

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