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Assemble a necklace with a chain, clasp and ring

Assemble a necklace with a chain, clasp and ring
To your pliers, your beads and your findings...
It's time to put together a necklace with a chain, a ring and a clasp.
You will need :
  • chain cut to the length of your wish
  • two rings
  • with a clasp
  • An extension chain (optional)
  • two pliers for assembly: flat pliers and fine flat pliers, without teeth
Put the end of your chain (one end) into the ring you just opened, then your clasp .
Insert channel
Close the ring using your two pliers (see tutorial 2)
close the ring
Take another ring (round or oval). Open it using your two pliers . Put the other end of your chain on as well as the safety chain. Then, close the ring.
Mounting the extension chain
Check carefully if your rings are properly closed. The chain must not be able to escape from the ring.
The rings are securely closed!
Your necklace is finished
Assemble a necklace with a chain and a clasp
Opening and closing the rings is very important for maintaining your creation.
Tip: choose your rings carefully according to the thickness of your chain .

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