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Useful jewelry pliers

Useful jewelry pliers
With your pliers, beads and findings, you will be ready to create your own jewelry!
To properly begin assembling your jewelry, whether simple or complex, it is necessary to use the right pliers.
Useful pliers in jewelry
Here are the 4 pliers that should be your friends for all your editing. Whether for a necklace, a pair of earrings or a bracelet; you will need at least 2 or all. Here they are: 1 cutting pliers , 1 conical (or round) pliers , 1 flat pliers without teeth and 1 flat fine pliers without teeth.
1-The cutting pliers
The cutting pliers will help you cut your different chains, your elastic threads, your cable threads...
Tip: after purchasing your cutting pliers, consider purchasing medium-grain “emery” paper to sharpen them. This will allow your pliers to be very sharp.
The cutting pliers
2-The conical pliers (round)
This will be used to create your curls and pigtails.
Its function is to form loops, called charms, on flat-headed or ball-headed nails. This technique allows pearls pierced right through to be transformed into pendants.
Round tip pliers
3- Flat pliers
Buy it without teeth otherwise it will mark your metal whether it is gold, gold plated (or silver), bronze, etc. It will allow you to flatten your crush beads and hold your ring securely when opening and replacing it. closure (combined with the fine flat pliers without teeth).
The flat pliers
4- Thin flat pliers
Like the one above, do not take one with teeth otherwise it will mark your different finishes during handling. It will be used for opening and closing the rings; then opening the loops on the rod so as not to deform them; to hold the wires...
If you don't have these pliers , you will have a little difficulty working correctly.
Beautiful creations!

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