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Mount a pendant on a ring and chain or a bail

Mount a pendant on a ring and chain or a bail
Good morning, how are you doing ? This tutorial has been asked a lot: "how can I put a pendant on a necklace using a ring?" It's very simple, I'll show it to you right away.
Here is all the equipment you will need:
- a chain mounted with clasp and extension chain,
- 2 flat pliers or 1 flat pliers and 1 fine flat pliers (without teeth),
- a ring and/or a bail
- A pendant/charm
Take your ring and using the two pliers - here the two flat pliers - open it. To open a ring, here is the tutorial where I show you the technique: opening
Put your pendant in the ring by holding the ring using your flat pliers that you have in your right hand (the other hand for left-handers)
Then insert into the ring, chain - or link - after putting on the pendant
Take your flat toothless pliers in the other hand, close your ring using a rocking motion. See the “ring closure” tutorial
Your pendant is mounted on a chain
Now I show you how to put a pendant on a chain a pendant with a bail. You'll see, it's very easy.
Take your bail that you purchased.
First put your pendant in.
Tip: do not force entry, you risk breaking it
Then thread your chain into the bail.
Tip: you can close it a little more using your fine flat pliers without teeth.
Photo 11: you succeeded, well done.
""On your pliers! "

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