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Preparations for a good start

Preparations for a good start
Good morning THE friends, I hope you are GOOD ? Here I am again here with you in order to introduce you THE primers For GOOD start the costume jewelry. On your marks, let's go!
Here are some materials to get you started making your jewelry. You will find THE different primers what you will need For costume jewelry ( chain , prints, rings, etc.)
In order to make earrings, you will need backings. Different supports are available to you in our online store. In costume jewelry - as in jewelry - you have supports For make hoop earrings, supports For make tassel earrings...
In order to close a necklace or bracelet, you will need a clasp . In an article, I showed you THE different existing clasps. Here is the link to it: the clasps
It is advisable to put an extension chain For your bracelets and necklaces. THE extension chains allow several people to wear your jewelry (from the smallest to the largest wrist)
When you create a bracelet or necklace, even a pair of earrings, you have the option of adding chain . Several fancy chains exist (small or large links, different shapes, etc.)
THE crimp beads (PE) are used when using cabled wire For your necklaces or bracelets - we will see that a little later.
Brass wire (here gold plated) is used For perform pigtails. Not so long ago, we saw the pigtail technique. Don't worry, I will make you an assembly video with this technique For so you can practice.
THE rings are used For hang pendants on a chain , hang the clasp of the necklace or bracelet on the clasp. The ring is essential For hang tassels.
I already showed you THE nails. THE Nail rods allow you to thread pearls and/or stones to make a pendant. We will see this in other tutorials.
THE prints called tassels, pendants, feathers; pompoms...make up your creations.
You are ready to create. See you soon For another tutorial.

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