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Ethnic Necklace, multi chains

Ethnic Necklace, multi chains

Hello, multi-strand jewelry has been a must-have for years. The mix of chains and pearls are very fashionable! I offer you a piece of jewelry in ethnic colors that I designed myself - as with all the tutorials.

Step 1: supplies

For this tutorial, you will need:

- pliers : flat, conical and cutting

- 1 large link chain *

- 1 m of small link chain *

- 1 ethnic style wood-resin pendant*

- stones: mother-of-pearl* and pyrite*

- pearls: black crystal*, green pearls

- pearl beads in vintage pink

- faceted metal beads*

- large rust-colored beads*

- cable wire

- small rings, large rings and clasp

( * supplies sold in our store)

Step 2: cut the chains

You will need to cut several chains in order to make this ethnic necklace.

In the photo below, I have put all the chains + the ends on cable wire and metal wire that you will need in this tutorial:

- large link chain : 98 links

- small link chain : 56 cm

- small link chain : 18.5 cm, 19 cm and 4.5 cm

- beads on cabled wire: 56 cm

- beads on metal wire: 4.5 cm

Step 3: put the chains in the big ring

Using your two flat pliers, open a large ring (be careful, it must pass through all the chains without enlarging their links)

In this ring, put the 3 chains: the large link at 56 cm, 1 small link chain at 18.5 cm and 1 small link chain at 4.5 cm.

Then after this gesture, still with your two flat pliers, close your ring.

Take a small ring, insert it into the 4.5 cm chain and the big ring like the photo above:

Then take a big ring again. Insert it into the pendant and the other end of the chain .

Close your ring and your pendant will be safe. This piece will dress up your neckline, at the back.

Step 4: intertwining two chains

From the large ring, take the following two chains: the one with the large links and the one, measuring 56 cm, with the small links.

The chain with small links will pass through a few links of the large chain . First of all, it will pass through link 10 of the big chain .

Then it will pass through link 44, then 66, then 85 to finish. Leave both ends of each string . They will be inserted into a large ring with the clasp .
Take a ring, a large one, insert them into it as well as the other piece of the chain with small links.
Step 5: The pearl path
Now, you will make the spacer in pearls and stones on gold metal wire. Take a piece of gold wire, two pyrite beads, three faceted gold metal beads, 7 mother-of-pearl beads and 1 vintage pink mother-of-pearl bead.
Using your conical pliers , form a loop to make it a pigtail. Take the right steps to form your pigtail. See below :
Thread the beads in the order you want. And form, again, a pigtail.
Your bead path is complete. Take a small ring, open it and insert one end of the piece you just made with one of the small link chains.
Step 6: the pearl choker
For this last step, you will need gold crimp beads and a very flexible and fine gray wire.
To start mounting the beads on it, here is what you need to get:
The cabled wire should pass through the large ring, then pass back through the crushed beads. Then you crush them so that they are as close as possible to the big ring.
Then, you string all the beads until you get 56 cm. Be careful to incorporate the 3 large rust-colored beads before closing the thread, on the other side!
When you reach the end of your threading, thread two crushed beads. Then pass the thread through the large ring, then pass again through the crushed beads and through, at least, three beads of your stringing.
Using fine flat pliers or conical pliers, tighten the wire as much as possible (without breaking the wire) without there being any space between the beads. When you are sure that the thread is tight, crush your crushed beads.
Cut the cabled wire flush after the 3 beads, with your cutting pliers .
EYou have finished your multi-row ethnic necklace. Be proud of yourself because you did well.
I wish you a great day and we will meet again on Saturday for the last tutorial of the month of May. See you soon
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