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TUTORIAL Natural jade hoop earrings kit

TUTORIAL Natural jade hoop earrings kit
The material to create our natural jade stone hoop earrings

Necessary material :
Flat-end pliers
2 hoop holders in stainless gold steel
natural jade beads 6mm
golden flower rounds
2 stainless steel gold chip buckle holders
2 drop charms
2 rings 6mm in gold stainless steel
The technical gesture to master: opening and closing a ring

Step 1 :
Take your hoop earrings and open them by removing the tab from the closed loop.
Creole natural stone tutorial
2nd step :
Using the flat-tipped pliers , flatten the right angle of the tab: this is where we will insert the beads.
Natural stone hoop earrings tutorial
Step 3:
insert the jade beads alternating with the flower rounds, according to your creativity. You can add several washers in a row then a bead and change the rhythm.
Creole natural stone tutorial
Step 4
When your creole no longer has space to add pearls, we will reform the right angle of the hoop leg using the flat pliers.

Creole natural stone tutorial
Step 5:
Close the creole, placing the tab in the loop of the creole

Step 6
Take a 6mm jump ring and place a drop charm on it.
Add the buckle-chip holder to the ring, first in front of the hoop.

Creole natural stone tutorial
Creole natural stone tutorial
Place the closed loop of the creole in the junction ring , where the tab is inserted. The mounting of the creole must be located behind the drop charm.

Creole natural stone tutorial
Step 7 :
close the junction ring

Creole natural stone tutorial
Step 8:
place a butterfly clasp on the buckle-chip support
Creole natural stone tutorial
Proceed with assembling the second loop by repeating steps 1 to 8.
Here you are in possession of magnificent curls , easy to wear at the office or in the evening.
Creole natural stone tutorial
With our wide variety of bead colors, don't hesitate to create several colors.
The tutorial video is also available for greater clarity in the different steps
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