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The stone of the month of March: aquamarine

The stone of the month of March: aquamarine

Every month, a stone and a story. The month of March is represented by "Aquamarine".

Symbols: calm and serenity

It reduces anxiety to make way for inner peace. It is also the stone of sailors, it protects them from drowning and relieves travel sickness. In addition, it is also a beautiful stone for love, to put on an engagement ring!

A little history about this stone:

Among the Egyptians and Romans, aquamarine was already highly appreciated and accompanied leaders throughout their lives and even in the afterlife. Indeed, these stones were found in certain sarcophagi and were part of the treasures of emperors and kings.

Aquamarine was also a good luck charm which had its place in commercial boats and in ships going to war.

If you have been married to your spouse for 23 years, aquamarine should be given as a gift.

Colors: Aquamarine is transparent, colorless to greenish blue.

Chakras concerned:
- The throat chakra: in the center of the neck, it represents the circulation of energy between the head and the body. It is the chakra of self-expression, of one's truth. This happens through speaking, writing, but also through the actions we put in place. It governs the minor ear chakras. Communication is the ability to make oneself understood, to express oneself and also to listen and understand others.
- The 3rd eye chakra: it contains all the psychic faculties, as well as our 5 physical senses. It offers the possibility of traveling in time. This chakra provides the opportunity to understand the physical and etheric world.
Its virtues:
- Strengthening your immune system
- Stimulation of the endocrine glands, such as the thyroid.
- Effective against skin disorders
- Cleansing toxins from the liver, spleen and kidneys.
- Facilitates creativity
- Promotes the management of emotions

Their family : beryls
Origin : aquamarines are found in Brazil which is, today, the largest producer of it.
Little anecdote : in the Middle Ages, aquamarine was worn as a necklace against toothache.

I'll see you soon for a new stone!

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